Complex Systems Group


Since 2000, we have been working in a multidisciplinary way, looking for the development of conceptual tools, models, and calculus techniques, in order to describe the dynamics of complex systems, relevant to areas that span from Biology to Economy, Sociology, etc.


There are three complementary tools, that play a key rol in our investigation:

  • Model of Adaptable Agents (that could match consumers in a comunication network, bacteria, companies in a market, etc.), that must adapt their behavor to optimize their outcome.
  • Game theory, due to its flexibility and simplicity to analize conflict situations between groups and individuals.
  • Statistical mechanics, du to its versatilty and calculus power when dealing with systems that involve many agents, and complex interactions.

Research fields.

(Chief researcher: Hugo Fort)

  • Cooperation between selfish agents: Game theory applied to societies.
    • Estimator models (with Silvia Viola)
    • Success measures, and economical demographics (with Nicolás Pérez)
    • Cooperation evolution (with Estrella Sicardi)
    • Spacial Evolving Games (with Julia Alonso and Ariel Fernández)
  • Experimental evolution: E.Coli model (with Raúl Donangelo)
    • Ecosystems: Ecological model of interaction patterns and biodiversity (with Luis Acerenza)
  • Socio-Physics
    • Time-Space patterns in spatial game models (with Silvia Viola and Nicolás Pérez)
    • Magnetic model for the Strategical Behavior (with Daniel Ariosa)
    • Social Capital model
  • Econofísica: Modelo de intercambio comercial (con Raúl Donangelo)
  • Comportamiento Estratégico: Modelo de jugador humano (con Alfonso Pérez).
  • Computación Cuántica: Juegos Cuánticos y Caminantes al Azar (con Gonzalo Abal).